when did you decide you were professional?


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Jan 2, 2007
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About as far South as you can get!
I was just wondering at what stage in your ongoing training did you decide you were 'a professional'? I mean how long did it take you to have the confidence to 'go it alone' as it were? How many courses had you taken? And how did you 'know'? Or was it just a case of now or never?

Sorry for so many questions and I realise we are all different, some have more confidence/experience than others etc, etc. But I am trying to make a 3-5 year plan of where I want to be with my business and just need a bit of your worldly advice so I can maybe get a rough idea of how long I will take to get up to running my own small nail bar. I am planning on doing business specific courses too to help with that side of things.

Many thanks and look forward to your responses. xx

P.S Can I claim the cost of my training courses back as expenses? X
I started as soon as I had completed my Foundation Course. I was going to do model rates for a while but my nails were turning out to be quite a good standard compared to some of the nails from local salons so I didnt need to.

Yes your training is a business expense.
I think this time comes when u are happy with the results from your work and u have this great results with less time :hug:
Thanks girls. xx

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