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Dec 11, 2003
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Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this board and new to the nail biz. I have had my license since mid August and I'm working in a nail salon with the owner. It is just the two of us there. I'm not sure how fast I'm suposed to build a clientle but it isn't seeming to go my way. I don't know if I'm in the right salon for a newbie. We don't get very many calls at all and we are so pushed back off the street no one knows that we are there. Some times I make the rent and some times not. The rent in January will be going up and I'm not sure that I will be able to meet that and pay for supplie and turn a bit of a profit. I am also having a problem with the owner using my things. All of my things. It bothers me because she is the one working and making money and she fells very freely with my things. I have started to use my cell phone # on the flyers that I have been putting out and I have been getting calls on them. So it is picking up the more control that I take for myself it seems to be the better I do. I guess my question is do I stick it out where I am or is it time to move on. I know it isn't going to be easy to build but at the same time I need some flow of new people. What is better to booth rent or comm.? Or I was thinking of looking into working out of my home in a few month that way it will give me enough time to make part of my garage into a salon for me. I have a hubby that can do that for me. Really I do need some advice on which way to go with this. I do want to make this work for me because this is what i have been wanting to do for a long long time now. I have five children and this is my time to do for me. Any advice please! Thank you Lynn
Although I am not a seasoned Nail Tech (newbie here), it seems that your not getting the better part of the deal with the salon owner and your not getting the benefit of a fairly good trafic in the salon, you say you're getting calls with your cellular? I think you'd have more success with handing out flyers and get referals from your budding clientele. From what I've read so far it seems that a good number of techs develop a clientele by word of mouth and if you have the benefit of having a hubby that is handy in renovation than you can make it your space, with your energy and personality. If you have that you would build confidence (because it is YOUR turf) it would reflect on your services and you can build up the clientele from there.

In my opinion wether you develop a clientele in a salon or at home the process is pretty much the same, except at home you're in control of your marketing ......not so in the salon. Also there are more and more mobile techs which seems to be good also.

Hope this helps.

Kat meow
This salon owner is certainly not playing fair with you, and I for one would tell her that you do not intend to pay any more rent in January unless the clientele significantly increases and she also stops helping herself to your personal supplies. These things are supposed to work BOTH ways you know not all her way.

If you feel your home is in an area that will support your business and you have the support of your husband (bless 'em) then GO for it. In my opinion there is nothing like being your own boss. My best wishes to you and to your future.
Well love it seems to me that there is lack of ground rules !!!!

This is very unprofessional behavior and show some lack of respect for you and your belongins..................
The least she could do is ask.........as in do you mind if I use xyz ????

If the owner is using your stock and you are the one buying it, then charge her for it..........Invoice her!!!!!
Better still, have a meeting.......call it strategy meeting, see if you are both aiming for the same thing!!!!! An increase in clients,an increase in profits and a good working relationship.........

If after this meeting you feel, you are better off going it alone from home, then at least you have the knowledge, that you have done all to solve this problem and are free to move on...........
Then grab your stuff and go for it !!!!!
Best of luck in what ever you decide
Hi All,
Thank you for your words of advice. I'm not going to make a decision right away because I want to think this thing out. Now she tells me that she is going to bring in another girl. That wasn't the understanding in the begining but it seems that she is always throwing in a new twist. That is ok. I did get new containers that I can put a lock on my things but there are still things that are left out on my table. Man I can't lock everything up! I have been picking up only due to my efforts ( handing out flyers and running specials for myself) That makes me feel good because any person that I have gotten it was due to me putting out the effort. So I know in my heart what ever I decide I will make it. I'm going to talk to her today about the rent issue but I don't think she is going to see it my way because she is seeing me pick up right now. I have been calling around getting prices on rent in other locations and what I'm going to be paying is going to be on the high side. I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it. If I move it will be to my home so I will just stick it out and keep building and in a few months I will have the money to convert the garage to my own salon. Also I only live ten min. from the salon know. Do you think that people will follow without much of a problem being it isn't like I'm moving 30 min. away. It is funny most of the clients that I have now come from my neighborhood. Thank you again for you advice. Lynn
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