Where can I get a mobile ventilation unit?


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Aug 29, 2007
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bradford, west yorkshire
Hi again everyone.
Can anyone tell me where I can get an extractor unit for mobile use? I looked at Purex but they only seem to to the ones in the salon desks. Someone told me that you can get these ones that look a bit like those things you get in a chinese restaurant with the candles in to keep your food warm, however after many hours of searching I cant anything anywhere.

so do any of you mobile techs know where I can get such a thing????
NSI have a fuminator which is useful for dust.
I have a mobile fuminator that is for dust and vapour extraction. I have not used it apart from a couple of times as I ended up buying a desk with a unit included when I decided I wouldn't be doing mobile after all. :irked:

I am going to sell it so PM if you are interested and make me an offer... I will sell you it for a bargain price :lol:
Purex came and did a demonstration for the ANT on their extraction equipment prior to a piece in the ANT Newsletter. They do do a mobile unit. Give them a call. They definitely had them about 6-9 months ago anyway.

Any problems call the ANT office on 0208 302 2020 and either myself or Rachel will be able to pass you their contact info.
ebay ........ look for air purifier, there are quite a few domestic units that work very well
If you go to the Beautytech board, Gina Silvestro sells an attachment you can buy and hook up to a regular canister vacuum. Very inexpensive and does a remarkable job of getting all of the dust. I'm not sure about the shipping to you but it's worth a look.

Oh i'm sorry I thought you wanted something for dust.....nevermind my previous post
HI Karla,

Could you please send me a link to that board?? Thanks.

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