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Mar 12, 2009
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Dawson Creek
Hi Geeks, apologies for the epic rant in advance

At the beginning of April I had an environmental inspection that concluded the electrical system in my salon was completely non compliant and instructed the landlord to have a fixed installation test and the problems resolved ASAP. The next day, we had quite a substantial down pour with A LOT of water making its way into the salon through the toilet window, the back door and through a hole in the ceiling which subsiquently made its way into my 2 treatment rooms and my office. I rang the EH to ask where I stood now that the situation had changed to which they replied, it is no longer safe for you to trade until the problem is fixed.

He said we would have to isolate the electricity supply in order to make it safe until the landlord had done the necessary repairs but to do this I had to have my alarm system disarmed. When I told the landlord I was having to move my stuff out because I wasn't leaving it there unprotected and at risk from water damage, he thought I was being dramatic. I have taken photos of all the damage where the water was coming in and kept him informed the whole time. He assured me that the builder would be there ASAP.

This all happened on 3rd April this month and today I received a letter by recorded delivery stating that he had been to the shop and the were no repairs to be made as there was no damage. He knows I wanted to sell my business so he is demanding money in order for him to allow the person I sell to to be able to trade from the salon. My computer is trashed along with 18mobths worth of hard work.

I have lost so much money in advertising, lost business and my business reputation has been damaged as there are already rumours that we have money trouble and that the business has gone under. I am absolutely livid!

Do you think I am within my rights to put a claim against him? Myself, my husband and my daughter have worked so hard and sacrificed so much to build the business from a failing one to a thriving one and I could just cry and cry.

Any advice would be so much appreciated, thank you in advance xx
Hi Sammi,

This sounds like an awful situation, I'm afraid from a legal standing I have no clue but I didn't want to read and run

One thing that did cross my mind is would it be possible for you to meet him at the premises to go through what the repairs actually are as it may not be obvious if they have been cleaned up/dried off. he should also have the written report regarding the electrics.

He could well be worried that you are just not planning on coming back in so is trying to protect his revenue. I'm perhaps just trying to give the benefit of the doubt here I know.

Try speaking to him in person, it might get you a lot further than communicating by letter at this point.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I have tried all that you mentioned but to no avail, he lives in Nottingham which is a 2 hour drive away. He has sent me a letter that i received today saying if I am not back in the shop by 7th May then he will assume I have abandoned it and put it back on the market. He has now said that any further correspondence will need to go through his solicitor
If the Environmental Health has condemned the salon, get them to send their report to the landlord.

Or send the report recorded delivery so you have proof of receipt.

Seek advice from a solicitor, not SG forums (whilst I agree that SG is a valuable resource, this situation I feel requires professional advice).
I was looking for some advice, maybe from someone who had been in a similar situation. I realise that I will need to contact a solicitor.

Thank you for your responses x
Sorry I cant offer any advice, but really do feel for you in this awful situation.

Good luck with the legal route, and please keep us informed of what happens :hug: