Where do you do your patch test?


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May 5, 2013
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bognor regis
where do u do your patch test? i currently just dab a cotton bud on the inside of the arm area was thinking maybe somewhere else?
behind the ear
It very much depends what you are patch testing?
If its a patch test for eyelash tint then behind the ear.Less messy and less chance of smudging everywhere.

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Sorry I should have said spray tanning
Ask your insurance company and trainer as what they say stipulates what covers you.
If they don't require it then it's at your discretion.
Behind the ear is good as it's hidden, but then you can't see redness or swelling so I would suggest inner thigh as its a sensitive area, that's easy to see but can be easily hidden.
Clients won't want a patch of tan anywhere that shows x

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