Where to print out menu and get business cards?


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Apr 28, 2016
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St Petersburg
What does everyone use to print out salon menu? Do you have someone design it for you or do you do it yourself? New to this and don't know where to start! So overwhelming. And I wanted to do a loyalty program but don't know where to get a customed made stamp
Try Carl at Verve Designs, very good. Lots of geeks on here use them
CJM print on facebook hes great does all my stuff x
Another vote for Verve!
I had a good experience with Shutterfly, though they don't offer curved edges on business cards, which could make your business stand out. You can always buy your own curved edge puncher, though :)

Depending on your design experience, you can do a DIY design or you can get a pro to take care of it for you. I recommend Googling some freelance graphic designers to help take care of your design.

Good luck!

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