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Mar 16, 2009
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Maidstone, Kent
I trained in nails years ago on an Independent course.
I didn't get much business for nail extensions and removed them from my treatment list.
However I love nails and would like to do these again bit I'm just not sure which system to start practicing with and wondered what you all use and find successful
CND try me kits are available from Sweet Squared .. Purely professional enquiries only ... You will need to send a scanned or photo image of your certificate to purchase... Hope you saved it lol ... Ring 08452106060

It is the best in the world. :green:
Another vote for CND! There is nothing quite like it out there :)
Same here, I did my course with an independent tutor etc. wasn't happy at all, in fact I thought wasted my money!! After that I found CND and I did a conversion course, after that i didn't work for a while as I had a baby. I did a 1 to 1 with the amazing Gemma in Stratford upon Avon in August and I'm happy now!! It takes me ages but at least I know what I'm doing! CND all the way.

Hope that helps xx

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