which books would you take on to a desert island?


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Belle De Jour

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Apr 14, 2003
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Hi guys and girls
if you had to pick two books on nails (wheather it be nail art to product chemistry) which ones couldn't you live without?
which ones do you find the most reliable and informative ? and why?
nickki jonesx :D
Hi ya babe,
Well it would have to be Dougs book on Product Chemstry and The Encyclopedia of Nails .................
Because both books give me all the info I could ever want.................

Product Chemistry tells me everything I need to know about product behaviour and what I can expect from a prodcut..................and how I need to treat my products, in order to get the best out of them.............

The Encyclopedia of nails is my A-Z to nails................... Never get lost while I have that one...................

So there are my two, what are yours ???

love Ruth xxxx
hey babes i dont know hun i dont have any :shock: thats why i was asking for everyones favourites :D , i wouldnt go with out my nail and scratch mags ! 8)
i was looking at the books for sale in the nail mag which you can have a discount if you are an ANT member which i am so thats a bonus :D !
i saw the jackie jefford and sue marsh book and wondered what that was all about? any good does anyone know? ( :oops: of course its going to be good but you know what i mean! :oops: )
nickki jonesx
I think the encyclopedia for nails is wicked it has so much info to offer, i read it all the time when i get bored :D
I am with Ruth on this one Dougs book on Product Chemstry and The Encyclopedia of Nails oh.....and my Mills and Boon :shock:
Take care Dawnie
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