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Nov 17, 2015
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Hi everyone?

Just wanted to get some advice, so I have been doing shellac nails on and off on the side of my full time job for 2 years and finally left work last week to once grate on becoming a beautician which is something I aways wanted to do. I had a course lined up with a course with the training rooms which covered nvq2 & 3 but now they let me down and don't trust them anymore so now I'm trying to decide the best thing for me to do.

I have set up a salon at home doing nails and I'm also mobile, I have signed up for 2 for courses the lecente look and the beginners liquid and powder course to offer extensions. I'm also signing up to nouvotan course to offer spray tanning. But now I'm thinking do I need to do the nvqs or shall I just do the branded courses, was also looking at HD brows.

I'm going to focus more on nails/tanning/lashes and brows and see how that goes, is there any other training that people are finding have been quite profitable. (I'm based in Essex)

I want to get my training sorted so I can see how this goes or do I get a part time job between for the money.

Sorry this is a bit of a brain dump feeling a bit confused if what I should do, any advice would be great

Rachel X

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