Which digital camera do you use?


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Aug 12, 2003
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I am looking to buy a digital camera. I want it to have the kind of clarity that will produce sharp images on the forum picture sites. I went to the store last night ready to shell out my money and I couldn't decide which one to buy as there were no samples of how close up shots would look on the computer...as in close ups of fingernails. I need the following:

Which brand:

Which model:

Where did you buy it:

What settings on the camera do you use?

How much in US dollars:

You may e-mail me privately if you don't want the whole world to kmow how much you spent. :))

Thank you so much!!!

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Hi Kelli,

Best thing is if you go to a specialist camera shop. They should know their stuff and be able to recommend the best camera for you. Just tell them what you want and remember the more pixels the better. Hope this helps.

Happy hunting :D
Hi Kelli,

Anna from Toronto takes some fab close up pictures - she uses a Nikon Coolpix 885 - it's on my wishlist! :D

Kx :rainbow:
Hi all..
I use a Kodak DX3900 with hotsync cradle
macro, digital zoom, 3.1 m pixels.......
I love it , so easy to use and a doddle to download piccies to the PC

love Ruth xxx
Hi All,
Thanks to all of your wonderful response posts I bought a Nikon Coolpix 4300. I did go to a camera specialty store and we took a lot of pics of my own nails and up-loaded them to the PC to see which one would be the best for my purposes. I did try to buy Anna's version but it is long since been retired...you know how technology is...
Sooooo, I will be playing with my new ccamera this weekend...you will know how I am doing when you see my first tries posted!!!
There are a few other acc. that I will be buying when I know better what I am doing...progress, progress:)))
Thank you all again for your help...how did we do this without the internet and good nail tech friends?
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N. W. Nail Institute
sawasdee kha

I want buy camera in 1 month have web site for sure and want make photo and put web i look camera ruth have them no have in shop any body know camera for take photo for web site

Kop khun kha mui
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