Which fibreglass brand is best?


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Dec 30, 2011
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west sussex
Hey There Ladies,

I would like some advice on which fibregalss brands your using, i'm using the edge at the moment and im sure there is better out there, the fibreglass frays and isnt very sticky and the resin is extremely runny and the activator sprays out in big drops!!! Leaving my nails very lumpy! and only takes few seconds for resin to run to sides of nail edge!!

Please advise me on a good one i have googled it but haven't had any luck!

Many Thanks

Backscratchers :biggrin:
What website can i get this from?
I am not sure they would sell it without their training? Just trying to remember, but it's something like supernail or similar? Just google backscratchers fibreglass or thereabouts and you should find it. Main office is in London, as far as I recall.

Been a while since I ordered anything. Have tried nsi and ezflow, but I think this one is best and it's been around for a very long time. :biggrin:

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