Which Fire Extinguisher?


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Sara Satchell

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Apr 14, 2004
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Near Chester
Hi All,

Which fire extinguisher is best for use in the salon (nails & beauty)? I think it's powder but im unsure and wanted to make sure before I splash out!

Thanks X
Blah I covered this on my M2 & M74 and can't remember! If you have any good nail or beauty reference books they should have it. but of course an option is to go to your local fire station and ask a nice friendly fire officer which one :green:!
co2(black extinguisher for electrics)and water(red)or foam(cream) for domestic fire,i.e waste paper bin fire.These are what we were recommended but as already suggested you could call te local firestation as they have an advisory unit who can suggest bare minimum they would suggest.HTH
I've asked Sean and this is what he says:

Work out what the main risk will be in the salon - you're not going to be cooking chips in there (are you??) and (hopefully) people won't be smoking in there, so your main risk will probably be from an electrical source. As Babs mentioned, co2 is the best thing for this - also its a clear, odourless (for the most part) gas that won't damage any of your appliances or rooms. It does come out pretty fast and furious (loud) though so best to be prepared for that!

Powder is good for most fires, (but if using for a chip pan fire - do not direct it into the Pan itself!) BUT it will destroy everything in the surrounding area and it's almost impossible to breathe when it is operated in a confined space - VERY, VERY MESSY! If you use it in your kitchen then the whole room will be destroyed, it will get into cupboards and all sorts of places - but it does do a good job, just be prepared for the mess if you have to use one - we have a powder one in our kitchen and I'm under instructions never to use it unless the house is burning down around my ears!!! :eek: Sean has even considered welding the safety pin into place to stop me from using it in a panic!!! :eek::eek::eek:


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