Which gel polish do you use and why do you love it so much?

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What brands of gel polish do you all use and why?


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I use gellux, I love how it lasts. I’ve used gelish and shellac and they don’t last as well as gellux


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I use cuccio veneer, I love their range of colours, cremes, shimmers and full glitters. I think they are very sophisticated. Hard wearing and don't chip.
Some of my clients get 3-4 weeks out of them ... with a hideous regrowth though, ha ha.
As a lot of my clients have pedicures they like to match up toes with normal polish which is available from cuccio. Older clients do prefer normal polish.
Customer service from the Nottingham team is excellent.
Their cuticle oils are just gorgeous, make good retail too.
Price point is very good.
Opened shelf life is essential for my limited client base - 3 years.


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I use flirties and halo. I get around 3-4 weeks for both. Some clients go 5+ weeks without chipping or lifting.

Halo pure gel is great! The glitters are quite solid too so require less layers