Which gel should I buy?


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Sep 18, 2013
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Hi there 😁
I have recently completed a course in uv gel nails.
Unfortunately the gel I was given isn't very good. It's called salon west. I have done a few sets of nails and they are not lasting! I don't know what product to go for. What gel is good??
Thank you 😀
There are quite a few brands to choose from; NSI, Young Nails, bio sculpture and CND seem to be the most popular.
And gelish :)

Laura xx
Salon west do a gel polish its not very good! At all!!! Their uv gel course is a generic course for gel polish I think?! Either way gelish would be a top option indeed! ❤
I've just started doing Rock Hard LED Gel by Artistic Nail Design. I personally think it's amazing!! Xxx
I use Bio sculpture, but to buy it you will need to do a conversion course. :) xx
Shellac an Gellux are the best in my opinion. Gellux lasts longer but is a bit harsher on the nails...especially if u have naughty clients that pick it off 😱😖 xx
You need to do some research in to what brand will suit YOU! It's good to ask for other people's opinions but you need to research the brand which will suit yours and your clients needs! Look into some of the brands that the other geek have mentioned bug dont invest in something which some one else raves about as you may not like the product! Try as many as you can! Xxx
Thank you very much 😀

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