Which GHD's To Get?


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Sep 24, 2007
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Fife, Scotland
My daughter is looking for GHD's for christmas & I dont know which ones to get, her hair length is just below her shoulders and layered can anyone help. I have seen different widths etc and as a skin geek would like a professional to help. Thanks. :hug:
I would go for the standard size, unless her hair is really thick.
My hairdresser told me to use the standard rather than wide GHD's,my hair was long.The hairdresser explained that the thinner ones were easier to use.

So both daughter and myself have the thinner type,my daughter has layered,long hair and gets along just fine with them.

If your daughter has used a pair of GHD's before,i.e at a friends house,it may be worthwhile finding out what type she's used.You may find she would prefer one over the other.HTH
I'd go for standard size, the middle sized regular ones, not the minis or the wide ones.
I am not a hair professional and respect the professionals opinion on this. However, I am interested in branching into bridal hair at some stage and have done my daughters hair. The medium GHD's seem to do the trick. Our hairdresser uses them and my daughter is happy with the results. Obviously I will seek a recommended course before branching into this area further.
Mediums are great for curling as well !
Mediums are great for curling as well !
Yes,you can make some beautiful curls with them,I love mine,would be lost if they stopped working:green:
I use mine almost exclusively to create waves & curls. They're the standard sized mk4s.

Thanks everyone for replying.

It was the medium ones she used at a friends house (I rang her mum). So that is what I will go for.

I just love this site, everyone is so friendly and helpful. :Love:
The ghd mk4's (or IV styler) are the ones for you. They are the latest from ghd and will straightener any type of hair better than anything else out there.

the Mk4 is more responsive, heats up quicker and maintains temperature better. It has an auto adjusting voltage system which means that you can use your ghd irons in any country regardless of the voltage differences.

They also beep when they are ready to use and have a longer cable to make styling easier.

The really great bonus feature for me is the automatic shut off after 15 minutes of inactivity (a life saver for a girl who has a habit of leaving her straighteners on).

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