Which is more popular - gel or L&P?


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Dec 12, 2011
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Like the title says which do you find clients want the most? I was thinking of offering only gel but have a feeling l+p will be wanted more? Xx
Are you talking about soft gels or hard gel?

In our salon l&P still rules but only just these days. We do whatever we get asked to do or the clients have whatever we advise them to do (what a client asks for is not always what is the best choice for them) and you need to learn to do ALL systems well. You can't be a complete nail technician and offer only one choice.

My advice if you are just starting out is, that I'd go for L&P and a UV colour coat to start with and then move on to hard gel.

Learning L&P first teaches you complete control of your brush and it teaches you how to structure a nail enhancement so that it lasts (at least a good course will teach you that).

Learning to apply a UV colour cost will teach you how to polish a nail and give you instant business while you are perfecting your enhancement skills.

Get the very best training you can afford is another very important piece of adivice. Good luck.
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I will be doing calgel so soft gels, I think I'll definitely offer both then my clients have a choice, I'll also invest in some colour gels, thanks :)

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