Which machines are worth having in the salon?


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Hi All

Which machines would you use most in your salon and how often would clients come in for them?

High Frequency

Anyone out there use any of these machines? would really appreciate some feed back.

Those machines are all a bit old fashioned now. Most salons would have caci, microdermabrasion or laser.
I trained in High frequency, Vacuum and Faradic but haven't done them since.

I agree, they are a bit dated now.

We do Microdermabrasion at the Salon I work in, and it's been very popular.
Glad I asked now. Thanks to everyone who replied. Have just finished my CIBTAC and really wonder why we (at the course) were in such a panic about "old fashioned" machines! Won't be investing now!
Those machines are all a bit old fashioned now. Most salons would have caci, microdermabrasion or laser.

Totally agree, but, unfortunately, that is what most of the FE colleges are still training students to do as that is what is included in basic L3 BT courses and the colleges, apparently, do not have the budget (or the tutors experienced enough) to offer the most updated treatments - don't even get me started on this one lol

That said, these treatments do give the student therapist a lot of the underpinning knowledge they will need in order to advance to the more "modern" treatment, so no knowledge is wasted knowledge lol
I have an apilus electrolysis machine which allows me to do galvanic facials. I do LOTS of such facials in that I have completely bespoke facials and I use desincrustation for grotty, spotty, greasy skin, and ionto for dry, dehydrated, sagging skin.
Sometimes I wish I had the high frequency, but not the others you mention.
I also do a lot of microderm and caci.
I still think that some of these machines are valid and worth buying. It is true that the 'newer' machines are more in vogue such as microdermabrasion etc, however galvanic is still widely used. I love vacuum suction/pulsed massage and am wondering whether to offer it - offers superb lymph drainage but with lighter exfoliation than microdermabrasion. Faradic has moved on and it is better to purchase microcurrent or rather nanocurrent technology now (Caci, Perfector, A-Lift).

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