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May 21, 2010
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I have just purchased the Minx kit from sweet squared ( booked to do the training next week) and would like to know what's the most popular patterns besides the gold and silver lightening designs. There are so many to choose from and I would like to order some more so that my clients have a wider choice to choose from when I start to do them in the salon.
When I have shown people the designs they all seem to pick out the 2 you mentioned and the golden lightening cheetah, silver lightening zebra basically anything bling IMO and that shows it's minx.
Sweet squared have a list of their top sellers but in my experience these are the most popular with my clients other than the gold and silver:

Pink cheetah (all age groups seem to like this)
Silver black fishnet
pink paisley

To be honest most of my clients go for gold and silver tho i carry a fair selection to give them a choice.
In my experience - whatever you have on your self is what peeps want! try to carry a selection of colours also I get my ladies to look at sweet squared web site and pick a design and then get it for them, however I do charge extra if they pick the designs with a one off design on e.g. anchor as not able to get as many sets out of them.
Thanks so much, Thats really helped. I will order some of those ones now and see how they go. :)
I've just ordered Minx and the lovely lady at Sweet Squared told me which ones are popular. The gold lightnincheetahg , pink cheetah, gold lightning studs, silver and gold lightning and flowers are the ones she sent!:)
Hippy chick, golden lightening, zebra lightening, mettalic cheetah, silver lightening, pink cheetah, confetti can be popular up my ways :lol:
For me, gold and silver lightning, gold and pink cheetah, polka dots, silver fishnet, cant go wrong with any of the designes with metallic to be honest xxxxx
The most popular ones I get asked for is metallic cheatah and pink cheatah and the silver! Although my particular fav is the hippy chick!! But only on long nails! Tried it on a girl with short nails and didnt look as good!
Although Iv got a few friends coming in this weekend to get minx tip enhancements done and Iv got the 2 polka dot ones and the pink and black squared one thats been sitting here for ages that nobodys wanted so going to give these a try and see how they look as a tip!

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