which nail tips are the best?


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Sep 25, 2003
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wallington surrey
hi geeks
what nail tips would you suggest using, at the moment i use star nails, due to being trained with them, i would be grateful for all suggestion.
lisa :D
Hi Again!

I love Velocity by Creative, they seem to suit many clients and have a nice "feel" about them - sorry that wasn't technical - but they are not as brittle and thick feeling as many others :D

I am not sure if they will send you samples - guess you could see them at a Beauty fair though! Good luck in your "tip Search". :!:

For many years I used Creative's Formation Tips. I'm now using EzFlow, so I'm using their Leisure Tips and Glass Leisure Tips. I also have their Classic French Tips, but I've only used them a few times.
If you ring and ask, they may send samples. We certainly used to, although it was a 'mixed bag', so you didn't necessarily get all the sizes but certainly enough to get the feel of the tip.

Velocity is a great tip and the number one seller although No 1 used to be Formation, but that has been beaten into second place.

Velocity is a micro well tip that blends very fast indeed. Most of the 'pre-tailoring work has been done for you and it suits 99% of nail types and as it is slightly tapered it gives a very sleek look to either a square form or oval (cuts way down on filing and shaping). It comes in natural, clear or French White.
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