Which retail products for mobile therapist?


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May 10, 2003
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ive never offered retail products before with my mobile beauty business.

just wondering what sort of products could I retail?
how do I retail?

Where would I buy the products for a good price where I can make a reasonable profit on it and not over charging the client for it at the same time.

your help would be appreciated.


When i was mobile i didn't retail much at all as i found i had too much to take around with me as it was! A lot of suppliers don't have high minimum order prices anymore so you might be better to just order products in as and when clients ask for them. I find Sallys is good for picking little bits up like nail varnishes and you can pop in there whenever rather than ordering in bulk. :)
I'm just starting up as mobile and I've printed up a sheet of products that I use in my treatments at retail prices, and then if a client wants to buy something I can show them the list then order it for them. Saves you carrying round a load of stuff! I use Ellisons quite alot and if you can find your products on there, they sometimes put up a recommended retail price to give you an idea.
HTH :)
I didnt do a lot of retail when i was mobile BUT i always had a few bottles of cuticle oil and also oil free moisturiser for my spray tan ladies. they always went very well. anything else i had a list of and ordered it in.


I have one of those large plastic storage boxes that I fill with retail items, mainly of products that I use, and recommend as aftercare with my treatments.
I usually only keep 2 or 3 of the same item in stock, so I can offer a wider selection, and my clients love it! :green: They call it the Goodie Box!! lol

Here's what I retail on a regular basis:
Heat Protection Sprays
Styling Products
Cuticle Oil
Hand Wash
Hand & Nail Lotion
A selection of Coloured Nail Polishes
Base & Top Coats
Pre-Tan Exfoliating scrubs
Tan Extender Lotions

And I do some special items around Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Easter, Christmas etc, so I hope that has helped a bit and given you a few ideas to get you started!! :)
thanks for your ideas everyone and michelle for giving me a list of ideas, im gona do a bit of research I think and get a few items.



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