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Apr 5, 2003
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I know that we had a similar thread not long ago...

But, I have a question :?:

And I know someone will be able to answer... :huh:

When doing scuplts or tip & overlay what shape do you file them into ?

Is it what you 'feel like doing' at the time ?

Is there a rule of thumb as to what shape you should file them ?

If they have long or short fingers does that change the nail shape ?

What do you think ? :king:
Most clients tend to have a shape in mind but as a guideline
Small cute nails look best kept short and slightly oval
Medium hands or broad hands tend to have wider nails which is best suited to a medium length and slightly pointed.
Large square hands tend to have large square nails which look better if filed to a point
But at the end of the day most people want sqaure nails or Sileto at the mo but its nice to know how to advise your client.
Hope this helps
Take care Dawnie xx
Well Hun,
I take my cue from my clients............ I ask them what they would like!
There are a loads of shapes : square, oval, squoval, rounded, almond, stiletto....and then variations between......
Most clients know what they would like, the ones that don't know get what I think suits them best...........Depending on the shape and size of the hand and fingers..........So we do discuss this before the service........
But it also depends on their activity's............. like a horse rider aso would be discouraged from having stiletto's and extremley long lol....poor horse!!!!!

Just a thought
love Ruth xxx
Could someone tell me what shape stiletto is please? :oops:

This shape is very pointed think stiletto heels, how sharp are they!!!!!

Something like this!!!! But I have seen sharper points then this ouch!!!!

love Ruth xxxx
I have never actually seen people who wear their nails in this shape!! I thought that shape was called almond - ?

The almond shape here in the UK would be a bit more rounded of at the point..............
Softer edges...........

love Ruth xxx
Check out this webpage. It might help.
Like most technicians, I tend to first ask the client how she would like her nails to look - but the client is not always right :D

A good general guideline for determining the most attractive shape for the extension edge it to look at the cuticle line and sidewall line as well as curvature of the natural smile line.

Someone with very square cuticles and a straightish smile line, definitely looks better with square nails.

A person with a very rounded cuticle line and deep smile line, would look better with one of the softer more rounded styles.

Fan shaped nails are difficult anyway, but generally, the square-shape looks pretty hideous on them and the longer you make them the worse they look. Keep short and gently rounded.

Long slim nail plates with nice straight sidewalls can take just about anything whilst

short stumpy nailplates will always look better with polish to hide the disproportioned look of a long free edge.
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