which sunbed company do you use


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Mar 26, 2007
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stoke on trent
was wondering who was the most popular sunbed company to go with. i have only spoken to sunquest who iv kind of settled on going with but would like to know who all you guys reccomend. im also unsure as to go with 200 or 225 watt. any advice?
Send CandenceAlex a pm - she owns a sunbed/tanning/nails salon so she may have some advice for you.
Garda sun sunbeds are grt, i do like a laydown bed as it tans your legs better than the standup, the standup is grt to tan your sides

I also recomend sweish beauty sunbed creams, especially chocolate silk and swedish hemp for the men.It is quite a dear range but ive tried loads of creams and choc silk is the best.

designer skin do a lovely range too.very reasonsable prices and funky designs

you can also contact loads of sunbed cream companies to send you samples and a grt idea is if say for instance you charge £3 for 3 mins, you can give the client the free sample sachet and charge them £4 for the 3 mins and say what the cream does, moisturises your skin, activates your melanin for a quicker tan etc
Carrie x

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