White Lines on the Nail Plate


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Jul 22, 2004
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I removed tips and liquid/powder product from a client last night. I noticed that there were white lines on a few of her nails which looked like the outline of the original product before rebalancing. Can someone please tell how this could happen and what I can do to rectify it and not make the same mistake in the future?


I suspect that the white lines you are taliking about were accross the stress area?

If so these are stress lines not caused by you or anything you are doing but rather by too much stress being put on the nails (usually a sign that nails are too long) and the product pulling up a little product each time they receive a knock. Usually the nails are also very dehydrated as well.

Seeing this damage is precisely the reason why I changed my product many years ago to a product that was more flexible and kinder to the nail. Usually products that employ a primer and are very hard facilitate these stress lines.

If you are concerned by the look of these nails as I was, change your product to something less harsh, where less prep is needed and a kinder product that is more like the natural nail itself.

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