Who else to inform when opening a home salon?


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Nov 18, 2009
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My home salon is almost ready to advertise, I already do a couple of clients here as they prefered to come to me than me to them, usually I work mobile. I live in a rented house and my landlord has already given permission and I have my insurance sorted. Do I need to get my room inspected by the council? I'm assuming from other threads I need to tell them but am unsure of what department would cover this type of thing, please can anyone advise?

Thanks in advance
AJ x
Ring your local council and explain the situation they will put you though to the right department. I rang my local council and I didn't need to inform them. But at least I did it. If it's a room just for beauty and you don't use it as spare bedroom or something then you may need planning permission.

Becareful putting a sign outside the house for some reason my council doesn't like and what asked to take it down, needed planning permission.

Hope that helps


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