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Dec 16, 2003
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I wonder if you fellow geeks can help

I have not used a clear powder yet and was wondering when would you use this? I am guessing its has the appearance of the Fibreglass i.e. completely neutral - is my guessing correct? :rolleyes:

The reason I ask is I have a client on Saturday who has had fibreglass for 6 months now but she can not keep her index finger intact for love or money - so I wondered if it would be a good idea to put acrylic on just the one nail that always breaks (PS she wont switch to L & P as she loves Fabric)

Please can someone help me out?
I use clear powder when im using white tips this may not help you as i use L&P.

Vicky x
I have also used clear powder when I used to use white tips. I also use it if I have a client who has natural nails but has broken one - she wants a tip or a repair to a split - I would use clear to limit the colour different between the other 9 nails. You don't want one lovely enhanced pink nail to put the others in the shade - well maybe I do to get her to have all of them done LOL.

If your fabric nails are crystal clear then yes, you could use the clear as an alternative. I am sure you have probably been over all of the scenarios as to what she does with her index finger - maybe it is too long - maybe you just need to build the stress area slightly etc.

Good luck and let us know what you do for her tomorrow.
i use clear powder when im doing design work
i use it over the top of my boogie nights (glitter) or coloured acrylic
it also looks fab if you want clear tips

Took the nail shorter now vertually no free edge at all which is what we both agreed might be the best course of action (though it was'nt much longer before!) - didn't use the acrylic as I didn't see the posts until today....I am going to soak my acrylics off and go back to fabric and do one clear on test a single clear L & P on me..if its good then next time my client breaks the same nail i will do on her...so thanks for the advise gals.... much appreciated...atb Louise
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