Why didn't Quasi cover pre pig?


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Feb 13, 2012
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I had a client with 7 roots and home bleached mids and ends she was wanting to match or blend her bleached ends with her roots, i pre pigged bleach with goldwell gold pre pig mix then mixed a 7BG and 8N quasi, as i didn't want it to come out too dark or gold, the quasi colour didn't cover the pre pig fully and colour was very gold, should i have used a permenant? I thought her hair was too porous for a permenant! I want her to come back so i can put a 7A permenant over to tone the gold, should i mix that with some 7N?
She was happy with it, but i know its not right, so want to fix it!
Did you use sufficiant amount of product? porous hair will "suck up" colour so you need to make sure you put enough on. Also, if she has been doing her hair at home, I highy doubt she is using a salon quality shampoo and conditioner. It could well be coated in silicone making it like trying to colour in a laminated piece of paper...
Thank u for your thoughts, i did use loads of product and massaged it into the mids and ends, i wonder if the pre pig was just too golden for her porous hair, but good point about shampoo and conditioner x

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