Why do I take so long??


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Jan 25, 2012
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Southampton UK
Hi ladies I've not long since passed my acrylic nail course so am fairly new, I try to do each step of the process thoroughly but not spend too long doing so however i still end up doing a full set in about 2.5 hours! When I used to go to the salon for my nails it used to take just over an hour, I dont see which part I could cut down on to save time, what can i do?

Thanks :)
hiya hun, dont worry you will get quicker in time and the more sets you do. Don't cut corners whatever you do as this could result in service breakdown. hth xx
I remember taking ages to park after i passed my test, now i just drive straight in. Its no different hun, your new and it will take time to speed up...you would be amazed how many minuets we waste picking up and putting down a file...or how we stop and look at a nail for far to long...or lift our heads to make eye contact with a client while chatting.

perfecting your skills and your speed all comes with alot of practice and time.
You'll get there with your timing, for now just concentrate on doing the best job you can can and producing beautiful, strong nails.

When I first started out 2.5 hrs was my time too but gradually it became less and less, and now I can generally do a set in 1 hr 15 maybe a little more depending on the condition of the nails.

Clients will be more concerned with the quality not the speed of your work :hug:

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