Why do some nail artist sell themselves so short? :(


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Jan 2, 2010
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I have a girl across the street from me who does bio/calgel. I've seen her work, and she does beautiful nail art.

My only complaint is that she does them for such a dirt cheap price, it's starting to hurt my business :( Even what I'm charging slightly hurts me a bit, but her prices are so cheap, it's like she's insulting herself.

She started at that location before I did and there's no one else in the area that does them so it's not like she does them cheap for competition. I just don't understand why she's charging like $60 for something I would charge 80-90 o_O I know she takes as long as I do to do it too. Sometimes when I do the same art I feel like what I charge isn't enough considering the time it takes me to do it!

So I'm wondering why some people do this? Don't they feel like they've wasted their time after 3 hours of doing work only to make like $30-40 less than they could have?
A lot a techs around where I live charge cheap prices and it annoys me as well because now mine have had to go lower to compete with them and if we all charged a little more we would still get the same amount of clients because we all charge about the same anyway
It sucks because the cheaper you go, the harder you're making it on yourself you know? No one benefits from it. You might get a ton of clients that way but you're still not gonna be making as much money as you would have if you didn't lower the price so much!

I refuse to lower my price. I use nothing but high quality products. I offer a high quality service. If we're talking a dollar or two, I would consider it, but there is no way I'm knocking down 2 digit amounts. I can't afford that :(

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