Why is it so hard to file?


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Jul 26, 2009
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Calgary, alberta
I have come across a number of clients who have come to me to switch over to Bio Sculpture and they have a really hard acrylic on their nails. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove or file down the product easier? One one client it was virtually impossible to file down so any advice is appreciated!
Do a search on NSS salons. They use a very tough acrylic which needs to be filed off electrically. There are loads of threads on NSS.
If you are only used to Bio gel then filing traditional liquid and powder or buff off gel will feel much harder.
If it is traditional L&P then you may have success if you soak them in acetone. Although it can be very drying to the skin and cuticals, since it's a one time thing, your client should recover with proper care after. I use acetone on myself when switching sets, because I do it often and I can be too vigorous with the files when I use them on myself. I find that, as long as I give myself intense moisture treatments, my skin shows little damage and feels great.
It may take quite a while to soak them off though, I have heard that some NSS places have been known to use denture acrylic and this can be almost impossible to get off.
Good luck!

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