Why is wax applied in the direction of hair growth


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OK I admit. I am a little bit nerdy and like to know "Why?"

I understand why we remove wax against the hair growth but what is the benefit of applying in the direction of hair growth?

If hairs are left after I remove a strip, I re-apply (as taught) going against the growth to catch the shorter hairs. But I believe Lycon teach to apply against in the first instance to ensure the shortest hairs are caught first time.

Can someone explain so I can sleep tonight please :biggrin:

If you are talking about hot wax then it's not true that it has to be applied in the direction of hair growth...

As for strip wax I think it is easier to spread the wax and hair will stick to the strip all the way if you know what I mean.


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IThank you for taking the time to reply Bella. I suppose my question related more to strip wax.

Anyone have any other opinions as to why this is the best way?

I would imagine that it's so that we can get a good grip of the hair and as we pull back on the hair it would be 'yanked' out more easily? If you know what I mean! X

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I don't think you have to apply with the hair growth for strip wax Ellie. I never apply totally against but sometimes the hair will grow like horizontal kind of, like the outer thighs. And I still apply this vertically but remove against the hair. I'm sure this is ok to do :)