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Hi, I’ve recently qualified in waxing and having a few problems with my hot wax. I’m currently using the tea tree just wax flexi wax beads (I’m intending on using a better brand once I’ve got more practice) but the wax just doesn’t pull the hairs out? I’ve been playing with different temperatures and leaving the wax on for a bit longer or a bit shorter, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. I apply against the hair growth and use the just wax expert waxing lotion beforehand, which is designed to protect the skin during waxing as well as soothing post wax. Any advice? And what temperature do you keep your wax? I have the hive double digital heater. Thank you!


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I was trained with both warm and hot wax and found hot to be too time consuming in the salon where I was working and my boss switched to warm wax with strips. Which I have continued to use for the last 30 odd years. Hot wax I keep for my mobile brows/lips as it travels well!
In my training this is my method :-

Antiseptic pre wipe and dry off with tissue ,apply talc to ensure it is totally dry.
Not too much to inhibit the wax from sticking.
Sufficient wax for the size of area being done is spread in a figure of 8 movement to "grab " the hairs within the wax...thus covering the whole of the hair - all round it if that makes sense.
As it's cooling pat it down to force it to stick, flick up one edge and hopefully a good result.

I am not sure if you do the method I was taught , but I hope it helps you to find a way.
As for the temperature , that can vary depending on your room ambient temperature so I can't say as I don't use a hive heater sorry.


You should apply WITH the hair growth, not against. If you apply against it won't 'wrap' the hair and you're risking breakage. Also, it sounds like maybe you're not applying with enough pressure. Which area are you having problems with (depending on the area you're waxing.... legs / bikini / face etc.... sometimes hot wax isn't the best option) Try applying a tiny amount of oil to the skin before for a better removal. Have a play around with a few different wax brands to find the one that works best for you.


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Definitely try applying against the growth as well. Some waxes say against, some say with so - there’s no right or wrong way.
Going against the growth will lift the hair and enable the wax to surround the hair at the base rather than just sit on top, although i always go with the growth because the waxes I use say to apply it this way.
As long as you’re pulling the hair in the correct direction. Most waxes say to pull it against the growth anyway so if you’ve applied the wax against the growth you’ve given it a helping hand. It’s arguable as to which way might cause breakage. If there was just one correct way we wouldn’t have different manufacturers saying differently.
If the wax is weighing the hair down with the growth, in my view that would be more likely to break as you are pulling the hair backwards for a longer distance than you would if it was already lifted and enveloped by wax.
As the poster above says, it may just be a matter of more pressure needed. I use oil rather than talc but sometimes use talc in summer due to hot clammy skin. Buy a bag of lots of different waxes and see which you prefer. Apply it as per the manufacturer says (usually with the growth but not always).


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Thank you everyone! I think part of it was maybe not putting enough pressure on the wax, as I have tried putting more pressure on and it seems to work much better with much less breakage. My husband has said I can practice on him, and practice makes perfect! I bought the Just Wax because it was fairly cheap so I thought it would be better with to practice on family/hubs, but I might try the Sienna X one which is the one I trained with, I do think I prefer that one, if not I'll play around with brands until I find one that suits. Thank you again!


1, Cleanse and apply fine dusting of talc. 2, Apply against growth. 3, Apply in direction of hair growth. 4, Then again against (3 thin layers in all = a thicker layer). Wait a few minutes or go do the next area. (chequerboard pattern) 5, Go back to it and press down until the shine disappears from the surface of the wax and flick the edge where you are going to remove it. 6, Remove the strip against the hair direction just as you would with a wax strip. Don't leave the wax on for too long before pressing down on it or it will be brittle and when you remove it, it will break up. It needs to be just slightly warm.

Hope this helps

Nicky x