Why wouldn't acrylics not come off?


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May 17, 2004
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Hi there

I was chatting to my sister today and she had a set of acrylics put on a couple of years ago, but when it came to soaking them off they wouldn't come off. She said the girl soaked them in acetone, in a bowl with warm water underneath for at least 30 mins. She said the girl was really embarassed as with her other clients she said they just came off.

Is there any reason why they would not come off my sisters nails?
If this should ever happen how the hell do you get them off?

Consequently it ended up damaging and thinning her naturals nails and put her off completely.

I would like to understand more about the removal practice so can someone explain exactly.

Hi Deb,

various things would hinder the soaking off of acrylics:

1. if they were overly thick then it would take a lot longer to soak off
2. If they were say MMA based then this would make them take an awful lot longer to soak off
3. If they had a gel topcoat then this would also take an awful lot longer

Not knowing the exact circumstances, it is difficult to say exactly why this would have happened to your sister.

In general I would slightly roughen the surface of the product to start to break the bonds, then soak in product remover for between 15-20 mins. It does help if the remover is warmed BUT PLEASE NOT IN A MICROWAVE! Have a quick look and if it does not wipe off then return to the remover.

I give far more detailed instructions on my website under removal - please feel free to have a look.

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I don't know what products the girl used, but will look at your website.

Are there products in the UK which still use MMA? I believe the Americans are really tough on people who use it because of health.

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