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Mar 30, 2004
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South West England
After reading loads of advice from this site I've just made some wicked t-shirts for work. If I knew how to put a photo on here I would.

I'm so excited (and v sad!!!) to get to work next week and wear them!!!

I got a lovely logo designed by someone I found on Ebay - £14.95 - and I can use it to put on price lists, flyers or anything else!

T-shirts £2.75 - Asda

Iron on Paper - can't remember how much but it wasn't a lot.!!

Thanks again guys for all your help!

Take it easy.
Hi Cathie

The T-shirt idea seems great and isn't it wonderful how modern technology brings such a wealth of possibilities to us all!

Love the sound of having a logo designed. Can you tell us who on ebay it was? Send me a pm if you prefer. I currently use a flower piccy from my publishing tool but it's not particularly inspiring.:rolleyes:

I think branding is a very powerful tool that perhaps we underestimate. I'm always on the lookout for ideas for my expansion at home when we undertake major works (will probably take a year or more, so I have plenty of time to be creative!)

hey, look I've gone colourful!:D
Well done you!!! Bet they look great would love to see a pic if you become a premium geek you can post the piccie for us all to see!!! :)
Hi guys

I've contacted the designer and she's said it's cool for me to post her e-mail here:

[email protected]


Take it easy.
Hi Cathy

Could you post the sellers user ID for ebay so we can look her up on there?

Phew...managed to post one photo.. and that's enough hard work for one night!!!

The ebay id is mikenholm.


Thought I could post the pic here ...foiled again...
oh..it appears that by some stroke of luck I've managed it!
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