Will Car crash affect my work?


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Oct 15, 2008
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Dublin, Ireland
Hi everyone,
have'nt been on here in ages, hope you all are well x

so story is, yesterday a car rear ended me. was'nt too bad cars a bit mashed at the back but everyones ok. problem is when i got out my back was sore, got more sore as the night went on as in up to my neck. woke today im not too bad but necks stiff backs a bit sore but arms and shoulders are sore and weak, im hoping i'll be told i'll be fine tomorrow and can go to work as normal. all i'm hearing now is i'm going to get worse. We have a promotion co ing up and i'll need to be quite fast getting through nail clients, but right now making a cup of tea is a bit of a job :irked:

Have any of you had this happen and were you ok for work?? i'm hoping for a yes here!!

just to add, i had 2 friends in the car 1 is 2months pregnant but she went to hospital and is fine but they both are quite sore. the guy behind me was so upset and his wife is 8months pregnant, she's ok too:)
all this was caused by a car 2 cars ahead of me jamming on his brakes for a parking spot:grr:
Poor you ,
Scary stuff huh ?
It sounds like whip lash kind of thing , it takes a few days to hurt, if you feel it is to bad you should pop to A&E you may have a fractured collar bone (easiest bone to brake) or maybe rib,
I was involved in a fender bender a few years ago .... With an Italian river lol
This is how I was ,
You could get some deep heat is worth its weight in gold when this happens :)
And some kind of anti-inflammatory like ibraprofin as long as your not allergic ,
thanks hun,
yep i'm gonna dose myself up on painkillers today. thought i was great going out last night, did'nt last long especially in shoes had to go home:)
think i'm going to be claimed by one of the girls in my car, i totally understand as she'll have a hefty hospital bill, i'd rather be claimed than someone miscarry. it might pass straight onto his insurance?

italian river?? you have to tell more...:eek:
Funnily enough (well, not really, but you know what I mean, lol) I got rear-ended myself on Tuesday. There was only the 2 of us cars involved though!

At the time, apart from being really shaky, I wasn't too bad, although had to pick my daughter up from school early that day as she had ear ache so after the prang, she also had a sore tummy :-(

Anyway, after the day wore on my back started hurting a bit more but as I had to go the docs anyway with my daughter, I mentioned about it & was told the best thing was ibuprofen.

I've been to see my own doctor so it's logged in my notes!

Since then my back has ached a bit & I do have pains where I don't normally get them. I'm on light duties at the salon, so no waxing or massage for me & as long as I take it easy I'm not too bad (I am prone to back problems anyway - this has just exaserbated sp? them).

On Tuesday though, I did phone my insurance company & as I have legal cover, everything is getting sorted out quite quickly. My car is being repaired on Thursday & I get a courtesy car, plus I have a lawyer on hand who has said that any expenses incurred I can claim for - including the whiplash effects & the effects of the prang on my daughter.

As you were rear-ended, that usually means the person going into you is at fault. I would contact your insurance company ASAP as see what they have to say. If one of your passengers sues you, you should be able to claim off the other persons insurance - assuming of course you exchanged details.

Having an eyewitness also helps matters!

Hope you feel better soon, I know what you're going through!
ah thanks,
will have to go to my doc cos im feeling a bit worse now, would'nt mind i told a friend i'd wax him tomorrow for his holiday on wednesday and he's like a bear:cry: my arms and shoulders are so weak and stiff, think i actually have whiplash, im no good at being unwell plus the one time i'm kind of busy after a very quiet period. i'll have to do the work or i'll be living on beans

i've informed insurance and they'll pop out tomorrow to see my car, it doesnt look too bad but maybe the underneath tells a different story. i realise my car will need fixing either way but i feel bad regarding claiming but if my friend claims i'll have to. the guards were there and 2 fire brigade:o my friend was taken off in a stretcher, i would'nt get into an ambulance for a sore back plus i was mortified.. we had 2 maniquins in the car for my friends shop, the laugh the fire brigade had with them:)

hope your ok and your daughter too, she probably done something to her neck xxxx

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