Will IBX work for my clients?


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Jul 14, 2015
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So I've been debating whether to add IBX as an extra treatment.
I use Gelish and have done for the past 3 years.
After reading some great threads on here I really want to introduce it to my clients however, as some fellow Gelish geeks will know, before application you buff over the natural nail.
But I have just read a post that explained that you DO NOT buff over the nail after applying the IBX.
So would I just go ahead and apply the foundation Gel? If so, will the foundation gel adhere well enough to the nail without buffing?
In the thread I read the lady said she buffed after the IBX treatment and applied shellac and it peeled the next day.
Is there anyone out there who uses Gelish and IBX in conjunction with each other and have you noticed improvements?
Is IBX right for me?
Thanks in advance
You don't have to buff for Gelish. I think that buffing is almost always to be avoided, so even before using IBX, I never buffed with Gelish to no ill effect. You do have to make sure that your prep is meticulous, since buffing sometimes gets rid of little bits you hadn't caught, but buffing is not necessary. Can't say whether IBX is right for you, but I have seen IBX make a tremendous improvement on the right clients - Repair for those with splitting, peeling nails and IBX for protection and strength.
I use both and actually I buff before IBX. I wonder if the other person who had used IBX and the shellac peeled the very next day may not have blotted or wiped with scrub fresh after, that's a really important step too xx
I've had shellac and inklondon. Prep and application was perfect. Shellac threw itself off my nails almost immediately. Inklondon after a few days. On my clients lasted weeks.
We suggest that when using IBX you always follow the manufacturers instructions on how to apply your gel polish no matter what gel polish you use.
We have been told by Gelish users and educators that after a few IBX treatments, they did not need to buff on top of the nail.

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