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Sep 7, 2003
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I am in the USA - beautiful Tennessee to be exact. I notice you referring to being Creative trained, or such. I'm just curious about that. I did get into a Creative Masters class. I was WAY over my head, but it was wonderful, none the less! Here, we have beauty schools, that have nail programs that are sorely lacking. I know first hand - I am in the last stages of nail school myself. I am so hungry for good informations and education. I LOVE Creative systems and am just curious about it all. I am struggling, but am determined to get a grip on this. Thanks so much!
I really recommend that you do the Creative Master Classes ALL of them. It may seem over your head at first, but you will only benefit from them in the long run.

I know someone that did all the Master Classes 3 times ... that's how much the person loved them. That person is now at the top of the profession.

It is the best way to fill in those gaps in your education. Best of luck.
...call 760 599 2900 - CND direct and I am sure Education will help you!! Lesley Randall and her team should be able to tell you when the next classes are :!: ;) BTW I think the 0800 number is 0800 CND NAIL (I think)!!!
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