Working from home - What do i need to know ??


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Aug 22, 2005
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North Devon
Hi all just a bit of advice..

I am in the throws of starting my mobile business BUT, also my parents have a smallish brick potting shed on the side of their house for which i transform into a mini nail bar if i wanted to. (its attached to the house but a seperate part if you get my meaning..)

It probably a lot larger than you would get if you rented a space in a hair salon etc,

I have had a browse on HABIA for things i need to know regarding health and safety etc, the thing is i cannot find anything on HOme Salons, would i need to work on the same basis as a working salon ???

The room does not have plumbing hence no sink would that be a must?? obviously clients that need the "ladies" can use the house faciilities as i will be putting access through to the back where they have a short walk across the patio to the kitchen etc..

Would this be acceptable..

I intend to use this if i cannot get to customers or they prefer to come to me ie if they require L&P and do not wish the odour in their own house..

If anyone can help at all with advice as to what the requirements are and if i can get away without having a firm sink in the room at this time it would be greatly appreciated.:hug:

Sarah xx
you need to contact your local council, mortgage company, house insurance company er can't think who else, obviously inland revenue.
ermmm i think i know that sort of thing :rolleyes:but thanks for the input. in response i am merely covering all ground into what needs to be in the salon in addition to the proper health and safety procedures..

i dont want to renovate the outhouse into a mini nail bar and find out i definatly need this or tthat..

Sarah xx

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