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Mar 16, 2004
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Hi peeps, havent been on for a while, and im sure i have seen a thread similar to what advice im looking for but anyhow, just wondered if anyone could help me, ive finally convinced my boyfriend that the spare bedroom would be better for me to work from doing nails rather than his so-called blokes room!!!!!! so its been agreed and ive put my nail table in there and put up my certificates that ive got on the wall but it looks so plain and boring not inviting at all. The walls are a lemon colour and looks modern but i just dont know what else to do with it and what to put in it to make it more inviting, does anyone have any suggestions and i would be grateful to know how youve designed your work place???? thanks

What about some Framed posters?? I have the spa mani and pedi posters up, plus some biosculpture ones they look great.
My room is very plain otherwise all cream with pale wood and white furniture.
Plus the display stand with all my goodies on of course.
I did the same thing with my dinning room, now we eat on are knee'

My room is lilac so to brighten it up i went too cheap places and added crome into the design. I have a mirror so i went to b & q and brought a tin of silver spray paint (99p) and changed the colour of the wood around the mirror, i did the same to the ceiling fan.
I also brought glass picture fames which were really cheap and put nail poster's in them. I took my curtains down and replaced it with a crome blind from g & t's just to give it a studio feel rather then home.

It looks great and everyone loves it! i also looked through the freeads for a cheap (love that word) 2 seater sofa for so the clients waiting could sit in comfort and i have a coffee maker too. All the little touch's help.

Good luck you dont have to spend loads.....


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Hi all

I'm just starting out! I'm not working from home but i'm mobile and i could use some ideas on how to drum up business.

As far as jazzing up a room is concerned, a little wicker coffee table with a wicker type chair would look homely with a few magazines scattered on the table perhaps. Bright colour silk flowers always look lovely as well.

Hope this helps a bit!

Caz xx
Hi, i´m just starting my course and we i finish i'm thinking in beeing a home based tech too, i´m thinking of using my dinning/living room, i have a small table on wells to put the products but i haven't got any desk, will my dinning table do?
I have a dedicated room and i have my certificates, some posters, a nail polish rack and all my nail art designs in frames, also a big mirror to make the room seem lighter and bigger, I think if you keepit simple yet stylish that will be your best bet.
Good luck!!! X
hi i turned my dining room into a treatment room,i have got all my certificates on the wall, posters for various things,i have a wall shelf for my stuff ,and loads of candles and a water feature , hope this helps love dee
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