Worrying! Shellac after pedicure

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Samdur, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Samdur
    I am newly qualified & performed my first paid pedicure this morning!! During the pedicure the client decided she would prefer shellac instead of my opi range... now I am worrying they won't last...

    Feet were soaked, cuticle cream/prep & cuticle oil. I did give each nail a good clean with nail varnish remover to remove as much of the oil as possible...I then applied the base coat/shellac. I did not buff nails...will this be a problem?

    Worried they are just going to peel off!! They looked good at the end just hoping they will last??

    Also does this worrying about clients and their results get easier!!!

    Sam xx
  2. CFBS
    Yep, clients do this to you...change their mind in the middle of their session!!! Happens all the time :rolleyes:
    You did the right thing by removing as much oil as possible from the nail before applying the gel polish. It will be fine, I'm sure.
    I doubt it will make much difference whether you buffed or not on the toes, they hold the gel well.

    There are ways to cope with indecisive clients:
    • when you get them in your treatment room, run through what they have booked and double check they still want that
    • never put out products that can't be hygienically put back into their containers
    • never open expensive sealed or sterile items until the client is on the couch (if you do it will jinx the appointment and they won't turn up...:mad:)
    • allow extra time where possible on the length of their booking in case you have to do extra
    • book unpredictable clients in either before lunch or at the end of the day where they won't muck up the rest of your schedule
    • if you don't have time to accommodate their extra wishes then just be clear and say that

    Good luck, it sounds like you coped very well! :)
  3. Samdur
    Oh thank you so much, really helpful!

    Do you use shellac? X
  4. CFBS
    Yes, for nails I use CND Shellac gel polish with the LED light & Vinylux polish for normal.
    I use Kaeso for standard mani & pedi treatments.

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