Would I be able to have highlift tint highlights instead of bleach?


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Jun 15, 2009
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i would kind of like some information about highlift tinting instead of bleaching i heard its better for the hair and can achieve the same results but i wondered ive coloured my hair today all over with a permanent 7A Goldwell its came out a natural ash not alot of colouring in it atall its quite dull grey looking. But i like that and expected it to come out like that but i dont like it all over like that i do like a few highlights to lighten it up a bit. I love the cool colours basically so this is why i dye my hair with a 7A Permanent all over first and then have highlights but i usually have bleach and was wondering about having a highlift for a change.

Would i be able to have highlift highlights tomorrow at a salon, i want the lightest blonde colour possible i hate yellow/warm tones. Would the tint lift on my hair though i dyed it today? Or would i have to have it bleached first? Ive got an appointment tomorrow booked in for highlights but i dont know if to ask about highliftt or having bleach i just wanted some information now just so i know what to expect. and just to check with u my hair colour is niether blonde or brown its like mousy ive dyed it to my natural colour which is again very dull could also be seen as grey.

thankyou if u could help :)
High lift tints will not work on tinted hair, plus they will not give you that whitey blonde that you are after. The highlights done with high lift tint give a more natural diffuse effect whereas bleach gives a crisper more defined effect.
I've always been told that tint doesn't lift tint. I think that's a universal rule with any brand of colour (correct me if I'm wrong). So the only way to get that really light blonde would be to bleach it first then put colour over it.
Agree with the above statements.

You will have to use bleach to highlight over the permanent tint. Technically. Have I seen highlift tint applied over tinted hair, yes. Very natural look. Really depends on how it is done.

Not knowing what your natural level is, assuming it's above a 6, you will have to let it grow out before you can start using high lift tint.

Bleach isn't entirely that bad if applied properly and condition of the hair has to be taken into consideration.

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