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Oct 10, 2012
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Hi all,
I have looked round a 1st floor office block to change into a beauty salon and wanted to get as much advice/opinions whilst I decide on it.

It's above a busy carpet shop in the small town I'm from. It's on a very busy road and directly outside it has a bus stop (thinking of potential clients sat on the bus looking out the window at it-bonus) .
The entrance is completely separate to the business below, but it's set along side the building so I would have to make signage 'entrance this way'.
You get in the building via a buzzer system, so this makes me think as starting as a one man band it's safe but I probably wouldn't get walk ins? Would this put you off? Would it be worth putting a weather proof leaflet box outside?
You then go up the stairs once in, then along a corridor before you would get to the room where I'd be setting up the reception area.

Would it matter if the reception wasn't as soon as you walked in? I'd put signs out showing 'reception this way'. There's room to move it to the top of the stairs once I can afford someone on reception but for now what do you think?

Could I have the front door open, then lock the door leading to the corridor when I'm doing a relaxing treatment? That way my clients can come in and wait in the warmth & could put some leaflets out incase of walk ins?

Please advise! :))) xxx
I think definitely leave the front door open for potential walk ins and maybe put a sign up saying currently in treatnent please have a seat, maybe have a jug of water or a kettle for tea?
It wouldnt put me off anyway
Have you checked with the planning department that you will be allowed to use the office space for A1 or Sui Generis?

There are different planning uses for shops and offices, you can't just go into a space and use it how you want to, you need to check what it is listed as now and if it can be changed to what you want. Changing the use can take months and can be costly, and isn't always allowed to change use so you lose the money you spent applying for the change of use.
Thanks for replies :)

Baggybear, yes I have enquired to the local council & I'm aware I would need to change the use and the cost of it. I've been given an email address to send off all my plans & info and they will give me advice as to how likely it can be changed before I've paid anything. There's only one beauty salon in the centre and it's open part time. Hopefully my plans will be accepted!

I'm scared & excited all at the same time!! Just waiting on an estimate from the landlord to see how much water, electric etc costs are for him below (he works in the shop on the ground floor) so I can get a rough cost in mind which will be apart of my outgoings!
I think you could make this your usp. Right off the beaten track but very central type thing!

You definitely need to have it very clear where people are meant to go. Even with clear signs we have clients who get it very wrong! They almost need to be escorted!

Do you have a client base or are you building up from scratch?
If it's successful can your business grow or would you be looking at moving again?

Vic x

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Yes I've got a client base, I've been renting rooms for about 5 years now. I'm currently in a tiny room in a really run down hair salon & their professionalism is really bad! Something I didn't realise until I moved there!! I'm continuously gaining new clients from word of mouth which is great & I haven't advertised for about a year so it's going well considering.
This new place has room to take 2 other therapists on so that's great once I'm busy enough to expand.

Sounds great

Good luck x

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