Would you bleach my hair with Olaplex?


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Sep 19, 2013
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Worcs, UK
I posted a thread with the whole story about how a salon burnt my hair off with foils back in June. I've been blonde for 10 years and know how to look after it so I'm upset that I've had to spend the last 8 months with dark roots while my hair grows. My new hairdresser who has fitted with me with a whole head of raccoon hair in recovery extensions said that in May before I go on holiday, she will finally allow me to have my hair coloured. I'd like to be a similar blonde to how I was before and although I'm obviously very cautious, I just don't think I should have to have my hair how I don't want it any longer because someone else messed it up :'( I've uploaded a photo of what my hair used to look like, what they burnt it off to and how my hair is now (with a head of extensions)

I work alongside a hair salon who have bought in olaplex for me, I wanted some professional opinions as to whether you would colour my roots again, t-section scalp bleach (with another 4 months growth)



I would do an olaplex stand alone treatment prior and make sure olaplex is used throughout the process. Also use number 3 a couple times a week for maintenance