Wrecked nails after 2 hours!!


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Sep 25, 2005
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Oh pleeeez! What on earth do some peeps do with their nails?!
I'm flabbergasted..in fact, never before has my flabber been so gasted!:)

Did a full set of french extensions on a lady this afternoon..she did nothing but complain about a poor mobile tech who had done them 2 weeks before...claimed they'd all fallen off after 3 days, she'd used superglue instead of nail adhesive, wanted a full refund but didn't get one..yada yada yada..then further in the conversation, she admitted to biting them off because they had lifted..hmm...

Anyhoooo, did a full consultation..poor quality nails, no wonder after ripping off a full set (!)..but she went away happy with her new ones...well, happy for a couple of hours anyways..when she rang to say, 'we have problems', a middle finger has lifted & two have cracked...sorry what? after 2 hours? TWO hours?!! oh pleeez...

Ah well, she's coming in tomorrow so I can have a look...:irked:

Just felt the need to get that off my chest, to people who know what it's like...

Is this a record..2 hours before they're wrecked or can anyone beat it?!
If clients are going to break/crack their nails its usually within the first 24 hours or after 2/3 weeks
if the have cracked within 2 hours (l&p) takes 24-48hrs to fully cure within that time they are prone to breaking and cracking if...........the client is overly heavy handed straight after application then the enhancements will sustain breakages and cracks...it seems maybe this is the case...and she was the saem after seeing her previous nail technician.
You must make clients fully aware to be careful with their new enhancements for the first 24-48 hrs whilst the product is still polymerizing.
All the above & good luck.

Get her informed straight up!!!!! avoid any flabbergasterey :) down the track. No leway for confrontation.
Some techs do 'ave 'em ......... Sounds like you do too.xox

Thank you both for your replies, will get my 'informed straight up' head on ! :)
here's one for you!
a "former" nail client use to wait until i finished her nails, filing and buffing, not polish, and ask to use the rest room.
when she came out, she would say that they "cracked or lifted while in the bathroom"!
i don't know about anyone else, but i'm not that rough in there!
come to find out, everytime she went in there, she would bit them, pick at them and try, for some unGodly reason, to get them off!!!!!!!!
she was so picky about everything, even pointing out the "flaws". then i explained to her i still had to file them smoother!
she is no longer a nail client. she only comes in to get her hair done. and she does wierd things to her hair just to complain!

My Nails Rock!
I had something similar recently, I did a full set of glitter acrylic (using Nail graphix). Never have I had a problem ever with this product, anyhow the lady in question rang me the next day and said that two had chipped off and the rest didn't seem to have set properly. I asked her if she had used anything after I had applied the product, she obviously said no. I re-did the nails the day after and she told me that she hadn't been entirely honest with me and that after I had done her nails she went straight to her bathroom and cleaned it using a harsh detergent called something BANG!!!
I charged her the same price as a re-balance as a gesture of goodwill but they are so cheeky, only too quick to blame the tech.
good luck with that one, she seems ahem intersting lol I always inform clients but also give them an aftercare leaflet to read to reinforce my point lol x

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