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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
hi there,
Just wondered if anyone new where I could get some xmas airbrush stencils I have one but it is very limited.

Also does any one have any good ideas free hand and tips how to do them, my free hand work is not all that great yet.

Merry Xmas
Grace x
Hi Grace,
My freehand snowflakes look great :oops:
I used Reddy/orange pearl nail polish as a base and painted on the random white snowflakes - they are quite easy and quite a talking point (wish could post pic)
Start by using a long-liner brush and painting a wide X then paint a vertical line down the middle of it ... and you end up with this * shape.
Then using a fine detail brush put little 'flicks' at the outward end of each line so that they almost look like inward pointing arrows.
Then finish off with a few tiny dots with your dotting tool in the spaces in between.
If you top it off with a glitter top coat or preferrably Northern Lights it looks great.
You need a steady hand but, the result is lovely!
Hope you can follow this, lol!!!
hey thanks, snowflakes sound great, super step by step aswell I understood first time so you must be good coz I am usually pretty slow ha. :D

Thank you i will try that one later this afternoon
Grace x
Glo.......I would love to see your snowflakes.....
I think Im gonna have to get me over there to see you and you will have to do me some!


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