xtenso vs ISO Mane Tamer


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my hair has tight curls, I had Japanese treatment done on my hair a year ago and now I am thinking to have something else because the difference between my natural hair and the straightened hair is big.
which one you think is better for me xtenso or ISO. I am moving to a new city and I don't think I will be able to have this treatment there, can I have it now done professionally and then the new hair do it at home, do you recommend a good brand? what shampoos/conditioners should I use with the treated hair, I used pantene when I had the Japanese treatment, I don't think that was good, I thought pantene would be okay

Jeni Giles

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You can log onto the L'Oreal website to find a salon that carries Xtenso, Main Tamer from ISO is also good, we have and still do use both.

I won't get on the soap box about Pantene, get your self to a salon ASAP and get some quality shampoo recommended for your hair and hair type!