Yay - nailtopia order finally here! Help with brushes though?


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Dec 7, 2006
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My nailtopia order finally arrived today! I ordered it 2 weeks ago and was really worried my Halloween decals wouldn't arrive in time! Bloody postal stirke!!

Anyway, i also ordered a set of 6 nail art brushes Nailtopia Ltd Nail Art Tools but i'm wondering how to use the fan brush, the square brush and the one with a bend in it!?!?!

Can anyone help please??

Thanks x
hi ya I don't use the one with the bend it my self but do use the fan and square,
the square is great for double dipping flower petals. pick up one colour one side and another the other and slightly blend the colours on a tile, this will give you a great 'folk art' style petal takes a bit of getting used to but fab effect xx

The fan one is great for adding texture to the nail, apply a little paint to the brush and then wipe some out so the brush is nearly dry (dry brushing) and just swipe the paint across the nail, works well with metallic paints xx hth xx
ah thanks, i'll have to have a little play around! x

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