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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
You know what it's like, you have these conversations quite often with clients about MMA and NSS salons and they nod and make the right noises and you think, hmmm, :rolleyes: did they take that on board? Some seem to glaze right over lol . . .

Well last night, what a TREAT! My client sat there, telling me about how she had been trying to talk a friend and her mum out of going to a nearby NSS (where they both go atm) and relayed almost word for word everything I'd told her during our conversation a few weeks ago about why MMA is so bad for your nails etc. And she had it all Spot On!

Whether this lecture will be enough to stop friend and her mum going to said NSS we will have to wait and see but she sure as hell has absorbed everything and is passing it round amongst people she talks to! What a star! :hug:

The sooner people start to really understand about this, the better.
well done blossom hun....your words of wisdom will get you mew clients...bet ya!! xxxxx
thats great news

hopefully you will gain a client out of it
Thanks, I'll let you know . . . . but it just made me think perhaps I'm not wasting my breath after all, maybe these people do actually listen sometimes lol!
Way to go hun!
Isn't it a trip when they "get it" and spread the word?

Several of my clients are reformed NSS, and I have 2newbies coming this week, reformed by their friends who are my clients.
After they realize the difference between NSS/MMA and myself, they cease their complaints about the length of time it takes.

I always encourage them "Don't take my word for it. PLEASE google "NSS" and "MMA" and you will find loads of articles on the subject, and some of them are downright scary." I tell them "even if you don't come to me, PLEASE don't go to the NSS. PLEASE find a reputable tech, and please share this information with your friends."

We have to work hard at educating the public. And the more they learn, the better off we will ALL be - reputable/decent techs and consumers.
While educating them can sometimes be tedious, and we do lose some battles; it's the ones that we win that will make the difference.

Giant :hug: to you and way to go!

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