Yet another Minx dilemma!!! toe nails...


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Jun 30, 2010
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hi have just trained in minx and after 6 attempts still finding it a pain and very fiddly. How on earth can you get it to adhere when there is no free edge. is it ok to clip excess off rather than file. please can someone put me out of my misery.
Are you using the minx glass file????? if you are,,,, then I was told to use an emery board and use a new one ever set,,, also when I find that sometime's I find that if you use the file at an angle of 45 and got straight down rather than using it across way's. I use the minx file for smoothness after.

Hope than helps.

When I get toes with no free edge, I have to use scissors, it's the only way, you need to be very precise, though. After you've had a few like this, you will get an eye for measuring and will be fine.
many thanks, will keep at it!
I use my kanga for quick few swipes andle at 45 degrees and hold excess minx with thumb and file west to east a couple of times I find this gets it going then swao to my minx file.

I find it also help sometimes by tucking minx under the nail top with your nail, kinda hard to explain then whn you get your kanga out its easy to angle file under edge of nail iygwim :D:D xx
thanks, is a kanga nail file shaped like a boomerang?!
i have a seperate pair of cuticle nippers for minx on those hard to file toes!! using the rubber hoof stick afterwards to seal it properly x
thanks, is a kanga nail file shaped like a boomerang?!

Nope, it is a thin board ideal for natural nail shapeing. I gets right under the nail when positioned correctly xx
thank you to all of you, it's great having such a fab support network x

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