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Feb 24, 2004
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A friend who I had recently put a set of acrylics on unfortunately had to have them removed, as she was going for a very important job interview and was advised to have the extensions removed. She made a very bad mistake in going to "one of those" salons! I spoke to her today and she told me how painful it was to have them removed. They used the proverbial electric drill, which she said was painful. They then apparently put what looked like an acrylic tip under the existing extension and ripped it off with it!!! She said she was screaming with pain. I have not yet seen her nails but she says that they are very painful and uneven. :mad:

She had been extremely happy with the extensions which I had put on and was very proud of them, and had generated a lot of interest in the college where she goes. :) I only wish she had rung me to have them removed gently and safely instead of going to such a place of torture!!

I have actually advised her to go to the Trading Standards Department and report this salon. Her own damaged nails I think should be proof enough.
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