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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Amandahartly, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. natalie cameron
    Has anyone ever used a color fresh by wella toner !?? Colouring roots with UL-V and UL-A matrix and 40 vol and I'm thinking there will be a band of colour and could be slightly golden what's best toner to get rid!? I have the colour fresh Thanks.
  2. LaceyFace
    Pravana platinum
  3. marie hilton
    ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1388390591.202998.jpg the girls in the left I use fudge lighter shade of pale, comes in a tube, like paintbox shades. X
  4. philipxxx
    For grey couldn't u just use 0/11 or 0/81 with pastel ,
  5. philipxxx
    What about something like a 9/03 on the lighter hair or to tone the gold parts use something like 0/6 or 10/81 or 8/81
  6. philipxxx
    Anothe nice toner for grey in goldwell is 3 parts 8SB and 1 part 8GB colourance
  7. JessIsaacs101
    Goldwell 10ml 10BS + 10ml 10P and 40ml colorance blue is nice :)
  8. indigo55
    Use wella colour touch /86 as it gives a snow like effect
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  9. natalie cameron
    Brill thanks!!
  10. indigo55
    How did You get on?

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  11. Jinnyjinbob
    Yes x
  12. indigo55
    You need to get very light to achieve good effect, you said you used 12/1.why not just use pre-lightner as that way you will get best lift, then tone, this image is a combination of 4 different colours but /86 gives a nice finish

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